Satoshi Poker Sold to BurnTurn

burnturnSatoshi Poker was bought by and is to be relaunched in the near future. Below is a letter from former CEO of Satoshi Poker explaining the future of the site:

Satoshi Poker Community:

As you know, the last couple months have been difficult for Satoshi Poker. In order to revive Satoshi Poker and to regain the trust of its players, former CEO Bart Van Oort has sold the site to a group of Bitcoin Poker entrepreneurs who are currently developing BurnTurn Poker (

While the specifics of the re-launch have not yet been finalized, our entirely new management team can promise the following:

We have deposited sufficient Bitcoin into the secured, offline wallet to honor all outstanding balances held by players. Going forward, player accounts are completely segregated from operating balances and will NEVER AGAIN be comingled with corporate funds.
We will get Satoshi Poker ( back up and running in short order (we expect to be live by the end of week, and will communicate status updates via Twitter @SatoshiPoker).
We are in the process of moving the site/gaming software from its existing shared hosting environment to newer, faster, dedicated hardware that is hosted in a top-tier, 24×7-monitored datacenter and operated by our professional IT team.
We are committed growing the community and player base, and have begun investing in the marketing and outreach efforts necessary to do so.

We apologize for any recent downtime and delays in accessing your funds. Please know that we are working around the clock to re-launch the site in a secure and stable fashion, with player accounts appropriately credited and accessible for instant access.

Please email us at with any comments, suggestions, or questions you may have. We look forward to hearing from you!


The (New!) Satoshi Poker Team

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  1. BCplayer says:

    Interesting that it seems that BurnTurn Poker still hasn’t launched nor have they refunded the funds of most players now, almost a year later. Rumors and speculation abound. I also found the fact that this site exists rather telling: . It seems to be a site dedicated to revealing the questionable ethics of BurnTurn Poker.

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